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"Danny is great ! He is very professional and knowledgeable. I had to go to a hand specialist for therapy while I was in North Carolina. I am so glad I found Danny. After little movement from tendon and wrist surgery, he got my wrist moving and feeling better. I would definitely recommend him to anyone for hand and upper extremity needs."
Aug 24, 2021
"This is my second time coming to Danny and also the second splint he has made for me!! I received a call less than an hour from leaving the Dr’s office to schedule an appointment. He was able to accommodate my work schedule and was very particular with the finished product. Danny continuously checks on my progress and never fails to reassure me that I can come back to the office at anytime to have my splint adjusted i if needed!! Thank you Danny for all of your hard work and dedication to your patients!!! "
Jul 24, 2021
"My experience at Elite Hand and Upper Extremity Therapy has been fantastic. I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder and originally attended therapy at a different facility in Myrtle Beach. After nearly 3 months of therapy, my frozen shoulder got worse. My orthopedic doctor then referred me to Elite Hand and Upper Extremity Therapy and within three weeks my mobility began to increase tremendously. I was able to get dressed without help, blow dry my hair, reach things on the upper shelves, sleep without pain, and just have increased movement and quality of life in general. In a short amount of time, I felt like I began to get back to my old self. The difference in quality of care was amazing! Danny at Elite allowed me to video the exercises for homework so I would remember how to do them correctly and he also provided me with all the equipment I need to be able to complete the exercises at home. I am so thankful I found Elite Hand and Upper Extremity!"
May 18, 2021
"When I got surgery I had essentially no movement in my left wrist. The first day of therapy week took measurements of my wrist and then set up a plan to regain function. Originally I thought I would dread going to therapy but it happened to be the opposite. Danny made the visits enjoyable and made sure to keep me updated on my progress. At this point I have regained almost all function in my wrist and can do everything I used to!"
May 13, 2021
"I started therapy with Danny 6 weeks post rotator cuff repair. I had been protecting by arm and by that I mean I didn't use my arm for a total of 6 months. Prior to starting therapy, I was petrified of therapy. Danny immediately put me at ease. He listened to my concerns and fears and then he talked me through my therapy. He was very honest and open about the PT. He reassured me that if I was to have any pain I was to let him know. My therapy is now 3 months post op and my surgeon was very pleased with my progress. Therapy is a two way street. You definitely have to do exercises at home and I worked hard to be certain I would regain full use of my arm. Danny has been awesome and I will refer him to anyone I know that has or needs therapy to their hands or upper extremity! I will actually miss not seeing him 3 times a week. but I know he is only a phone call away!"
Apr 29, 2021
"As my surgery was performed in Columbia, my surgeon asked me to search for an Occupational Therapist in North Myrtle Beach, where I currently reside. He told me to search for a hand specialist. I stopped in at a PT clinic and asked for a hand specialist. They didn’t have one, but it just so happened that this person’s friend had just gone out on his own to open Elite Hand & Upper Extremity Therapy in June after working in the hospital for some time. Boy, was that my lucky day-to have met Danny Burkhart. He is Professional, caring and displays utmost Expertise in his field. He explains things concerning my surgery that I didn’t know and why I should do certain exercises to assist with speeding my recovery. He is very patient and understanding! I am very happy with my progress and highly recommend Danny for any of the services that he offers. I feel like I have found a new friend that I’ll be staying in touch with. Congratulations, Danny and best wishes to you! "
Dec 09, 2020
"Danny is very professional and the best out there. Would not go anywhere else for my therapy. "
Dec 02, 2020
"Its with pleasure I write this review for the this wonderful Hand Specialist I've discovered in Nr. Myrtle Beach . Should you have the need for O.T. this is your place "Elite Hand and Upper Extremity Therapy" place is immaculate and convenient . with the experience and professionalism of Danny you are guaranteed a back to reality in no time I have been there for 3 weeks and my progress is unbelievable I do believe I'll have my time cut in half . I highly recommend "Elite Therapy" the word is out how wonderful they are that'.s how I got there , I do wish Danny (Elite Therapy) every success . Terri B."
Oct 26, 2020
"Danny is excellent at his job. He knows the exact treatment for your type of injury and very important he matches this to your ability. Every session you improve and you are motivated To do your therapy at home. Your recovery time flies by! Thank you RobinP"
Oct 21, 2020
"This is definitely an elite therapy as its name suggests. Danny, the therapist, goes out of his way to give you the best treatment. He is both personal and professional as he administers the exercises. I always felt good after leaving a session because of his encouraging remarks. This is why I give Danny and Elite Therapy 5 stars! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ "
Oct 12, 2020
"After reading all of the other reviews there isn’t much more for me to say except that I agree with everyone of them. This was my first experience with any kind of injury so I didn’t know what to expect. Danny put me at ease and was very kind and patient. I feel that I had the best therapy that I could get and would highly recommend him. Thanks Danny"
Sep 28, 2020
"Danny was great following my wrist surgery. At my first appointment I could not even straighten my arm (my surgeon had warned me that the recovery process for this surgery was not easy!) and by the end, I had gained back better motion in my arm & hand than even the surgeon expected. Danny was so encouraging along the way. "
Jul 02, 2020
"Danny is a true professional, respectful, kind, caring and gentle. With my broken wrist in tow, I turned to Danny for help. He assessed my situation with the utmost of ease and laid out a plan for me to be my best self. Due to hard work and perseverance we achieved our goals. Danny is a master at his craft and knows how to get the most out of his patients. "
Jun 15, 2020

"Danny's professionalism, knowledge and expertise is to be emulated! Best of the best! From your shoulder to your fingertips, he's your "go to." I could not have received the excellent and timely results that I did, without his skills, guidance, support and encouragement. Great personality! Would highly recommend Danny. Many thanks for all that he did in helping me to regain the use of my wrist, hand and fingers. Couldn't have done it without him!"

-Jackie D.

"I first met Danny in 2014 - He didn't blink an eye as he went over my history in order to properly assess my situation. He was handed a case (mine) that would be on-going. My injury was 25 years ago so Danny had to start fresh with his own assessment and rehab plan. My injury was a C4-C5 spinal cord injury and long term rehab had already proved successful in order to sustain my health and strength. Danny's ability to observe my situation and provide some of the best hands on therapy to help me meet goals was uncanny. His work ethic is and has always been second to none. As a patient I thought Danny was a great listener and made me feel I was part of a team while developing long term and daily personal therapy plans for myself. I feel very fortunate to have been a patient of Danny's, I feel my therapy had a two fold result… one being, we always pushed for the best results possible and second, we became friends and we still talk from time to time. Today I'm still following Danny's therapy plan as part of my weekly maintenance routine. Thanks Danny for caring and accepting the challenge."

-Mike B.

"I was in a major accident when Danny Burkhart was recommended to me. As soon as I sat down with Danny for a patient assessment, I knew that he was a great fit for me. Danny was willing to go above and beyond the usual techniques in order for me to use my left arm, elbow, wrist, and hand. Danny is caring, professional, is passionate about helping patients achieve their personal goals and extremely motivating. I was all in and Danny gave me the confidence to do things I didn't think were possible. He provided extraordinary support along my therapy journey. Always, Believe in the possibilities! Today, I have full use of my arm.... and playing golf again. Thank you, Danny!!!"

- Terry R.

"My experience with hand therapy from Danny Burkhart was first rate! With his analysis of my therapy needs, guidance, monitoring of my progress, and encouragement contributed to my speedy recovery. His cheerful upbeat professionalism were ever evident. I heartily recommend Danny for your hand therapy needs."

- Kate L.

"I had joint replacement surgery on my left thumb in 2016 and needed hand therapy. That's when I met Danny; I have had PT in the past, but it did not compare to what I had with Danny. He not only did a fantastic job but made it fun as well. I actually looked forward to going every week, never thought I would say 'I didn't want it to end", but I did. Awesome job, awesome friend."

- Ellen S.

"Danny Burkhart.....where do I begin He always encourages me to do my best and never let's me beat myself up if I'm feeling frustrated. He effortlessly puts me through different exercises to get me back to 100% and thinks outside the box trying something new to push me over that hump. I am forever grateful for all that he has done to get my thumb and wrist where it should be. If I ever need therapy again he is most definitely the man to see! A true professional who is caring, kind and knowledgeable and goes above and beyond."

- Laurie R.

"The occupational therapy that I received under Danny's care was excellent. I had never broken a bone or needed therapy ever in my life until just recently. I had a fantastic surgeon for my wrist operation and was equally fortunate to have Danny as my occupational therapist! He were very focused and caring. I greatly appreciated all of his expertise."

- Mimi G.

"Danny Burkhart is an excellent occupational therapist with a great personality. He will assist you in recuperating in a professional and caring manner. I have had many therapists in different settings and he is by far superior in his knowledge and skill. I highly recommend him! He's the best!!"

- Estelle B.

"I would describe Danny as knowledgeable, encouraging, personable and organized. He is my OT "personal cheerleader" pushing me to accomplish tasks with each appointment. I am now in my second OT therapy (different surgery one year later) and am looking forward to making great strides just as I did before. As I do my therapy, I will catch up with family news with someone who is interested in "me" and my total well-being. Thanks Danny for such good care!"

- Mickey N.